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The Next Step Business Roundtable Program offers several different programs which give you affordable and effective ways to improve your business. It gives you the opportunity to meet people, share ideas, access valuable business tools and gain insights to create and maintain a successful business.

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Isn’t it time your business took the next step?

Be inspired

The Roundtable Program brings together enthusiastic people from your local area looking to continually improve their businesses. The idea is that you work together as a group with two highly qualified and motivated coaches to achieve the results you’re all striving for.

The comprehensive 10-week Program goes well beyond theory as the coaches guide interactive group discussion each week on specific topics. The group works together to determine how to successfully manage common challenges and to develop exciting business ideas. The aim is for everybody to gain a clear understanding of what makes a successful business and, more importantly, to be confidently putting these things into practice.

Be challenged

Exclusive to people in small business, the Program is designed to expand your thinking and knowledge. It aims to enable you, and your business, to operate at your full potential.

The Program covers every aspect of business. It looks at the big picture requirements such as: creating a compelling vision; planning for a sustainable and profitable business; and successful sales and marketing strategies. It also explores ways to improve the day-to-day needs of businesses such as maximising your time, customer relations, effective delegation, conflict resolution and building the right team.

Comprehensive notes are used each week, with additional support information and resources provided for you to use on an ongoing basis. This includes access to key business contacts and some valuable business tools for you to integrate into your current practices.

Working closely with others from your local area each week you’ll begin establishing valuable work relationships. The Roundtable brings together people from a range of industries, it’s your opportunity to build or expand your business network.

This affordable Program provides a rich set of solutions as well as the opportunity for you to see the possibilities for your own business and view things from a fresh perspective. It’s suitable for all kinds of people, whether you’ve just started out or you’re someone who’s built a great business, which you’re interested in taking to the next step. We hope to see you there.

Be rewarded

At the Next Step Business Roundtable Program you’ll gain new skills and develop your personal strengths. The Program covers a practical approach to business and is guaranteed to be an interesting and rewarding experience.

If you are interested in joining the Next Step Business Roundtable Program please complete a registration form. Vali Ghobadi and Mike Cameron, our two accredited professional coaches running the Program, will be thrilled to meet you.

Upcoming Programs

Small Business Management

Certificate IV in Small Business Management- skills and information to manage and market a successful small business

Program 1

Time Management; Making time your friend, not your enemy

Program 2

Goal Setting; Creating great goals, achieving great things



"Companies that enjoy enduring success have core values and a core purpose that remain fixed while their business strategies and practices endlessly adapt to a changing world. "


Did you know that the word “business” actually comes from the word “busy”?

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